Name Eloane - Meaning and origin

Name Eloane - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

In Celtic languages ​​such as Breton, the term "eloane" translates as "light" or "beautiful light".


French singer Eloane Faucher.
The name "Eloane" seems to stimulate the imagination of the authors. "Eloane" is among others one of the protagonists of "Princess Eloane and the dragon" author Daniel Laverdure. In Arnaud Duval's "Les Pousse-Pierres", the space station and fixed point of the plot is called "Eloane".

His character :

Eloane gives an important place to her inner life and often turns away from life in society. Particularly determined, this discreet woman prefers to progress slowly and with confidence rather than rush. The strength of this cerebral woman resides above all in her intellectual capacity and the acuity of her analysis. She devotes a good deal of her time to reflection, most often to the detriment of action. By dint of going around and thinking, Eloane tends to stir up her restless temperament and further stimulates her existential anxieties. Its rational side is an undeniable asset in school and in the professional environment. However, the delicacy of Eloane sometimes makes it very unpleasant. Indeed, when she gives free rein to her impulses, she quickly manages to become skeptical or sarcastic, until showing an unsustainable virulence towards her detractors.

Although she seems at first asocial, this passionate woman is also looking for contact, exchanges and human warmth. However, she prefers by far the company of books and other enriching media instead of wasting time with mundane trivia. During her childhood, Eloane is curious, very talkative, not afraid of questions about her environment and the meaning of life. His turbulent side shows above all his thirst for knowledge. Your role as parents will be to try as much as possible to answer his questions or to direct him to the answer. You will also have to make sure that she does not scatter too much in her quest to know, otherwise all her efforts will not get her anywhere.


Loane, Loan, Loann, Elouan, Elouen, Louan, Louen and Elouane.

His party :

The festival dedicated to Eloane is celebrated on August 28th.

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