Name Aymen - Meaning of thumbs and names

Name Aymen - Meaning of thumbs and names

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This masculine given name reflects the identity of the Arab world's citizenship around the world. It derives from the Arabic word "yamin" which means "blessed" or "favored".


Aymen Souaïd is an Islamic religious figure from Damascus, born in 1955. He specializes in reading sciences of the Koran.
Aymen Saïdi is a young French actor born in 1987 who played his first role on the screen in Philippe Loiret's short film "No Stories".
Aymen Abdennour is a professional Tunisian footballer playing in Ligue 1 at AS Monaco, in the Principality. He occupies the position of central defender or left back side on the field.
Aymen Mathlouthi is a Tunisian professional footballer, playing goalkeeper, born in Tunis on September 14, 1984. This Tunisian international is playing at Etoile Sportive du Sahel (ESS).

His character :

Aymen is a charming character, discreet and reserved. His temperament leads him to analyze each situation with discernment. The native likes to gain momentum to fully understand the events he faces. Because of his calm and thoughtful side, Aymen is cold and insensitive. In reality, his behavior is dictated mainly by his modest, shy and suspicious nature. Nevertheless, Aymen is quite capable of leading an unqualified social relationship with the people she trusts. The native communicates open-heartedly with his longtime friends. The latter can then more easily discover his true nature and understand the substance of his thought. Aymen is also known for his courage and stubbornness. He does not fear challenges. He also loves to play the role of the protector of the weak, driven by his chivalrous nature. It is therefore not surprising to see him engage in union activism or work in the service of social security organizations.


Ayman, Aimen, Aimene, Aymar and Mohamed-Aymen.

His party :

No party day known for Ayman.

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