Name Adhémar - Meaning and origin

Name Adhémar - Meaning and origin

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The name Adhémar is of Germanic origin. It consists of the words adal, heim and mar which mean respectively "noble", "house" and "illustrious".


French chronicler and composer of the Middle Ages, the monk Ademar de Chabannes devoted himself to the writing of the chronicles from his ordination. Among his famous works is "Life of Saint Martial", written in 1028.
Adhémar de Monteil, bishop of Puy between 1077 and 1098, was named pontifical legate and spiritual leader of the crusade led for the liberation of the Byzantine Empire.
St. Aldemar founded several monasteries in the diocese of Chieti where he preached. He was deacon at the abbey of Monte Cassino before becoming abbot at the monastery of St. Lawrence of Capua.

His character :

Adhemar makes good sense and seldom gets it wrong. His realism, calm and sense of logic often lead to success. A fine strategist and a meticulous man, Adhémar often displays a serious air. A man of conviction, his loyalty and commitment are unwavering. He has the art and the manner of playing with the emotion that he is able to pretend to obtain the favors of his entourage.
Always listening to others, he is appreciated for his great sense of analysis that makes him a very good confidant and advisor.


Aldemar, Aymar, Adelmire, Azemar, and Azema.

His party :

Like Saint Aldemar, Adhemar is celebrated on March 24th.

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