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First comeback to kindergarten: help him get on track

First comeback to kindergarten: help him get on track

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The big day of his first return to kindergarten is approaching. How to best prepare your child for this change of pace and environment? The advice of our specialist.

The problem

  • If he attended the nursery or day care center, he already knows community life. Otherwise, it will be a little more difficult to adapt at the beginning, especially if he does not have a brother or sister already at school.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. He will share the lives of twenty other children, in an unknown space, with a mistress who will take care of the whole class: an upheaval that worries her a little.
  • You. You would like everything to go smoothly for him. You feel that he apprehends this leap into the unknown.


He is worried

  • Is he struggling to leave you? Does it react to your own concern? Perhaps the mere idea of ​​going into a space he does not know, with children and adults he has never seen, disturbs him.

What has to be done

  • Reassure him by the action and by the word. Describe the school and have them visit the site. If this is not possible, ask for an appointment with the director and go with your child. Help him to imagine his days: his different activities, his mistress, the Atsem, his class ...
  • What to tell him. "You see, you'll go to this school, you'll play with lots of other kids, you'll make drawings."

He is impatient

  • If he has brothers and sisters who are already in school, your child is keen to go there. But also if he is bored at the nursery, which is common for children 3 years old. You can help him manage the wait.

What has to be done

  • Give him a taste of some of the activities offered at the school. You can ask him, for example, to cut photos in magazines, to color pre-printed figurines ... His brothers and sisters, if he has some, can also initiate him by the game of coloring and graphics ...
  • What to tell him. "Here you go soon in class, we will buy together a small bag for your afternoon tea and coloring books."

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